Historical Data Compilation

Don’t waste your resources re-doing work. We will help you find usable historic data for your project, and integrate it with your current exploration project.

Understand the knowledge you already have


We want companies to add value to their projects through research and planning, and to show clients that this can be done at a low cost and without interfering with traditional exploration programs.

By outsourcing your data compilation, you will be able to budget for your data needs more effectively and allow your staff to focus on active projects.

Compiling your historical data will allow you to design better exploration programs with new targets. We will be able to provide you with good working databases and graphics that you can use for both planning and marketing purposes

Please let us know if you need help with any part of the compilation process.

Our Services Include:


1) Digitization of historical maps and assays into G.I.S. and database software of choice

2) Database compilations and integrity checks

3) G.I.S. (2-D spatial) compilations: geochemical, drill, mapping, regional

4) 3-D Modelling of geological features

5) Target generation based on visualizations and statistical ranking methods.  Identification    of knowledge gaps and likely extensions

6) Production of high-quality images for marketing (3-D models, maps, interpretative models)