How We Can Help

Our mission is to provide you with customized workflow solutions that will result in data with higher integrity and usability. We want to help you target more effectively and improve investor confidence. Many companies aim for these goals but find them difficult to address internally due to the demands of active exploration and investors.

Easy Data Accessibility:

Keep your whole team connected to your data. Whether you are located on a remote work-site, at head office, or at home, you should be able to access data when you need it, and file it in a way that allows for secure storage and sharing. Dependable filing and storage means consultants and team members can make sense of your data.

Data Integrity/Quality Assurance:

High quality data can improve targeting and decision making, it provides you with opportunities to use new interpretation tools, and will increase confidence in your project. Quality data will help potential partners and investors understand and trust your work.

Complete Data Sets:

Geological data is expensive. We want to help you maximize your investment by making sure all of your data is available in a usable format. We do historical data audits, to see if you have usable data that can be integrated with your current data sets, and assist with the compilation process.

Dynamic Visual and Quantitative data:

Understanding your project data can be complicated, and we want team members to communicate and build on each others knowledge. We believe collaboration and interpretation is improved by having with up-to date visual and statistical views of data. We want your data to work with your software, your team, and your processes.

Culture of Knowledge Sharing:

Geological data is complicated.  Structured data storage, and standards for transferability will ensure that your team can share knowledge effectively. Systemic data work flows also ensure that your project will be able to move forward even with personnel changes.