Alicia Carpenter, P.Geo.

Owner/Project Manager
Alicia is passionate about finding custom data strategies that allow companies to maximize their assets. She has experience at all levels of the workflow, and understands how you want to use your data, and the challenges that are involved.

Who We Are

Many of our consultants began their careers working with junior exploration companies, where we saw first hand the unrealized potential of the geological data we collected. 

We want to help projects unlock value within their data, providing more confidence in targeting, and the ability to communicate with team members and investors.

We know that in order to collaborate and target effectively, you need transferable source data and the ability to create visual interpretations of our data quickly.

Our Vision

Flow Geodata’s goal is to add significant value to projects while supporting sustainability, technological advancement, and collaboration in the mining industry. 
Our customized data revitalization services represent a shift in the industry from traditional high waste exploration methods, to more sustainable development of our natural resources.

We encourage the use of open-source software and file formats, and collaborative project sharing where it makes sense.

Data Optimization Benefits

Our services can increase discovery, and help you communicate your achievements to your investors.

Simplified data workflows allow your team to build on each other’s knowledge more effectively, and to showcase your results more clearly.

Systematic data storage means you can take advantage of new technologies, machine learning, and dynamic visualization software.